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Monday, 28 October 2013

Deep Colour in Black and White

Okay here is something I think you can put fairly high on your list of things not to do. Read Stephen King late at night. Spend that night tossing and turning. Get up at 4am and go up that mountain I've been visiting lately and stand in the middle of a moonlit field where it's quiet. Dead quiet. So quiet you can hear the squish of the dog poop you step in (I wish people wouldn't do that). So quiet the rustle of leaves caught in a slight breeze startle you and you turn on your flashlight that throws a beam three feet. You're constantly trying to see if something really did move at that treeline. You get back to your car safely and lock the doors knowing full well a bear or a werewolf is going to come and smack the side window. Because they do that right? So I don't recommend it. Unless you're into that kind of scarey stuff. Not me, at least not alone. *shiver*

But enough of that. The sun came up and I survived to do yet more timelapse of the city. Of course whiling away the hours I would bring out the little camera. Although I was taking photos of some nice deep sunrise colours today I felt like there should be monochrome.

 On the way home I stopped to do some more timelapse of the Lions Gate bridge. Carrying on with the theme of monochrome I shot some leaves. What would autumn be without a few photos of autumn leaves on the ground. 

As you approach the overpass you will notice some very small lion statues. They're pretty small so don't blink or you'll miss them. 

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