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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Fun, Flash, and Frivolity

I am posting these photos here because this was the camera I got to use. So I went and stood right at the front. As I looked about I figured I was safe because people wouldn't dance too wild for fear of knocking over the old guy. Luckily I was right. I recently discovered Lindsey Stirling when a video of hers was posted on Facebook. I really enjoyed it and when I found out she was coming to Vancouver I had to go. I definitely wasn't disappointed. She is a great musician, fantastic dancer, and of course cute as button. I think the Vogue was a great venue for her. Her show was big, loud, and flashy yet she was able to keep it up close and personal with her audience. I hope she never loses that.

I wasn't permitted to take my big camera in (Mustang Sally). Fair enough, it's their show. Fortunately I had my little camera (Mr Ed) in my pocket. The RX100II got a little finicky at times and I would find myself changing settings that I didn't want to. Other than that it performed a lot better than I expected. Just as a side note I could see some folks taking video with their phone/cameras. Looking over their shoulders I was pretty amazed at some of the quality they were getting.

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