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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Faded Flowers

Late last year there was a fellow killed in a motorcycle accident at the intersection next to my home. After the accident his friends put up a sidewalk memorial with flowers and photos. They also held a couple vigils at the corner. I walk by there almost every day and at first I would stop often just to look. As time went on and the flowers faded I looked less and less. I had thought about this and other sidewalk memorials how they slowly disappear as people get on with their lives. One day I stopped and took some photos. I kept them on the computer with the intent of coming back a while later to work on them to try convey what this was and how it made me feel. Last night I did that and came up with this. I still wasn't sure I wanted to show it because to me it has a feeling of melancholy and I usually try to keep my posts light. Interestingly I went by today and noticed the pole the flowers were taped to had been cleaned up and these had been replaced with several bouquets of fresh flowers. Sad as this is it was nice to see.


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